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You will find here content related to the music of Nachiketa Yakkundi and the great master of Hindustani music, Pandit Basavraj Rajguru.


Music releases by Nachiketa Yakkundi    (CDs available online)



         Guru Naman a two-CD volume of classical offerings

         Sumiran Karle a compilation of Hindi bhajans

         Samarpan a CD of classical offerings

         Rama nama payasa Dasa compositions in Kannada

         Neenolidare Vachanas in Kannada

         Hindustani Vocal my debut CD of classical offerings


Pandit Basavraj Rajguru


         Brief life story

         Photo gallery



The Musical Glory of Dharwad


As part of the commemorative souvenir of the AKKA 2014 convention that was held in San Jose, California, I wrote an article on the musical glory for which the city of Dharwad has become renowned. While the souvenir itself did not come to fruition, the article that I wrote can be accessed here.



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